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Powwow For Hope

Good news everyone! Powwow for Hope is in 3 months! This is the third year that the American Indian Cancer Foundation has sponsored the Powwow for Hope to honor those affected with cancer and the caregivers who gave their love and time to support them. This event brings in thousands of dollars from teams, local organizations and event attendees.

Watch this video for more info:

This year the powwow will be held at the Boy Scout’s Base Camp which is great since there is plenty of space for activities and parking. I have been to this place before rock climbing and what not and it was quite amusing I do have to say.

This year I will be volunteering and also dancing. Not sure if I am going to create a team yet but if you are interested in creating one with me, please let me know sooner than later.

WE NEED VOLUNTEERS! Last year was fantastic and I swear we had the best group of volunteers that I ever did see so YOU should be a part of it (yes, you!).

Anyway, come to Powwow for Hope on Saturday May 3rd, 2014. It’ll be super awesome!


Pink Shawl at Thanksgiving Powwow 2013

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