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Throwback Thursday: Grover Teaches Us Something

I have to say that my favorite resident on Sesame Street is Grover.  I always enjoyed when he would pop up and be a waiter or Super Grover or teach us something important. Like the difference between near and far. I will never forget how he runs back and forth in order to get it in our tiny thick skulls that close to the camera is NEAR and away from the camera is FAR.

This is probably one of the more simplistic Sesame Street bits that there is but it is also one of the most enjoyable and memorable for me. Look how great Grover is. He is most wonderful. I honestly need a Grover stuffed animal to have. Too bad Tonks would probably drag it around the house.

I have a hope that next year for Halloween I will go as Super Grover. Here’s hoping.

Why Do the Greeks have British Accents?

I peruse many websites to get the information I want on stuff and thangs and one I use often (especially when settling arguments) is IMDb. Often I watch the trailers for movies that are about to come out so I can be like yeah, I’m not going to see that.

Now last week there was a trailer for a Hercules movie. I was like cool, since I thought it was the one where Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson was starring in. Nope it wasn’t. It had one of the vampires from Twilight and other random people doing who knows what since the trailer was hard to follow. But the main thing I got from the trailer? That the characters have British accents. Even the main dude who I know is American. So what is up with that?

I’m looking at you Brad

Let’s look at our other offenders. Troy comes to mind (which was incredibly disappointing since there were no GODS involved) and includes plenty of British actors and American ones speaking British. So is it because the majority of the cast is British that the Greeks become British too? Well then why didn’t Vanessa Williams have an accent as Calypso on the tv mini-series of The Odyssey?

What the h gurl?

Now I realize that the ‘ancient’ Greeks are historically located in Europe causing them to speak differently than us ‘mericans but I’m not sure they would all be sounding similar. I mean take 300 for example, Gerard Butler be Scottish so his Spartans all speak similarly but then they deal with the Persians and Xerxes sounds like some bad auto-tune in idk what accent. I guess that counts as differentiating between groups but does it really? I mean I could not tell the difference between someone from London and someone from other parts of England.

Wait what was I saying? Oh yeah why are they British? I don’t see why they should be but apparently primarily British actors play the Greeks therefore other actors must conform to make things consistent. I won’t even get started on the fact that the actors are not even remotely Greek descended, because authenticity doesn’t matter in Hollywood.

Scariest Scenes from Movies That Aren’t Supposed to Be Scary

So IMDB has on their front page movies that are ‘Unintentional Horror’ and I thought it was funny because it included White Chicks and well, you know that is true about that. But anyway it got me thinking about all the fabulous movies I watched as Little Rita and how some were scarring beyond belief. Like I still can’t get over it I am forever traumatized.

Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure

Okay so I highly enjoyed this movie since as a youth it was quite funny. The visuals in it were quite memorable. I would want to find my bike too and I would’ve LOVED to take a bath in such a huge bath tub. Unfortunately when Pee-Wee was walking on the side of the highway in the dark he was picked up by no other than Large Marge:

I have learned to never take a ride from a truck or anyone for that matter.

Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

This was one of my favorite movies since it had cartoons AND people and I just thought it was the coolest thing. I even had a video game on my Nintendo for the movie and it was really hard but I liked driving around in the cab. Good times. It was fabulous entertainment until the villain reveal:

Now it looks kinda hokey but at the time it was quite frightening.

Return to Oz

Now like any child, The Wizard of Oz was a great film to watch since it was full of magic and wonder and color! So Disney made a sequel and of course you expected all that was there in the first one. But it totally wasn’t. Dorothy is in a crazy house for crying out loud. There are 2 scenes in Return to Oz that just ruin my life. It could be said that the whole movie is insanely frightening but I like the Pumpkin dude and the moose and Tik Tok.


What the hell! Like seriously! Let’s have some dudes with freakishly long limbs wheel around and be creepy and scare your pants off! Let’s!

But it gets worse:

She doesn’t have a head! Her heads are in her closet! She has a closet of heads! How is this normal? Well they are in Oz, but seriously! Needless to say I did purchase this movie from Amazon and watched it and realized it was still creepy as heck.

I am sure there are more but those are the ones that pop into my mind of things that still freak me out in movies that are not meant to freak you out. These are family movies okay, they are supposed to be happy and we are supposed to learn good morals and what not. Not scarred for life.

Quotes from Adventure Time

So after my fallacy of saying that Adventure Time SUCKS I have spent time watching the show realizing how wrong I was and how it is an excellent program and should be watched by everyone who is awesome. Which includes me by the way.

But anywho, Adventure Time includes many life lessons and other stuff and I just thought I’d share a few from the first season (which I have only watched bc it is on Netflix).

Jake is wise

Finn saying what he do

Princess Bubblegum feeling how I feel

Ice King is always fun

Lumpy Space Princess always has good stuff to say but I’m not sure if they qualify as ‘life lessons.’ These don’t really either but who cares because they are quotes that you should live by! Maybe.

What the Damn Hell Kanye?

Like usual I sit around and think about the Lord Yeezus and what new ridiculous thing he has been up to. Besides all the Kimye boringness, it seems like he might be touring and whatnot and I just think about how I ain’t going so who really cares. But see I follow many Native folk on the Twitter and many of them commented on his tour apparel:

I have no idea what this is supposed to mean.

WHAT THE DAMN HELL KANYE? What does this have to do with ANYTHING about your music? Is it just cool looking? Yeah probably. I’m not even sure if Kanye had anything to do with picking such a design and putting it on a t-shirt that will be sold for probably $50, sorry $35.

I really don’t get the appeal of a skeleton in a headdress. Because it is scary? Intimidating? I think about Plains tribes and how they were murdered by government forces for protecting what’s theirs. I personally don’t like a skull in a headdress since it is essentially saying that those who wore them are now dead. Let me tell you they aren’t: I saw some a month ago at powwow.

Here’s the other thing which I have talked about with my Native peeps: Black Skinhead totally sounds like A Tribe Called Red. The more I listen to it, the more it becomes apparent that this is true.

Exhibit A: Just listen to the beat y’all:

Exhibit B: Then listen to this by A Tribe Called Red:

It could be that it is just a coincidence that there is vocables over a drum beat that may sound tribal. I get that. But as a regular powwow attendee there is a certain familiarity that I only get when I’m at powwow when I hear the drums. I feel the same when I listen to A Tribe Called Red that is why I think their music resonates so well in our community. So when I heard Black Skinhead I was like what? WHAT? WHAAAAT?

So what the damn hell Kanye? Can’t you appropriate your own culture to sell some merchandise? It ain’t right to exploit others.

Native Americans and Star Wars? Um…yeah!

This year it was announced that Star Wars: A New Hope would be dubbed into Navajo. The first time a film is translated into an indigenous language of North America. How cool is that? Really cool actually. The indigenous languages have been around since well..the beginning. The Navajo people, or Diné, are the largest tribe in the United States, making it important for them to take the lead in making things of popular culture more indigenous.

Now having an elementary knowledge of my own language (Ojibwemowin), I cannot imagine how difficult it must have been to translate. From what I understand from the video, the Navajo language is more descriptive than English (so is Ojibwe!), so it takes more words to say something as simple as blueberry pie.

What I find most intriguing is that they chose Star Wars. They could’ve chosen a ‘classic’ such as The Wizard of Oz or Aladdin. But no, they chose Star Wars.  I think that this speaks volumes as it is one of the few examples that translates across so many cultures, not just language wise but storytelling, lesson learning and an all around good feeling.

I hope that the Navajo Nation receives funding to at least dub IV-V-VI. Then perhaps other indigenous languages across the world will have similar opportunities to help promote interest in languages that are endangered.

The Raiders Minimization

I love the Big Bang Theory. Like love it. I make sure that I am available on Thursdays so that I can watch it when it is on. I usually find myself laughing out loud on numerous occasions and wonder if my neighbors think I’m nuts. Which is totally fine. So a few weeks ago they had an episode where Amy Farrah Folwer (played by the wonderful Mayim Bialik) tells Sheldon (Jim Parsons my <3) that Indiana Jones is not needed in the movie Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Now I have always and I will always love Indiana Jones (4th movie not considered). He is what intrigued my love for myth and history and why it pains me to have distress in the Middle East because of the all the history that is being damaged and the art that is looted. Anyways, I had never thought about how he is not vital in the story line. We just happen to see the events taking place from his point of view. Which I’m totally fine with. It is still a great movie and I will watch it whenever it is on tv.

But that is not what I want to talk about. Raiders of the Lost Ark reminds me of a paper I wrote in grad school. I looked into the origins of birthstones and found that long ago the High Priest wore a breastplate with twelve stones–representing the twelve tribes of Israel. Anyway, there is some history with the Bible and what not, but it started the relation between stones and the number twelve which would include the Zodiac and in turn birth months etc. etc.

Garb of the High Priest

I just happened to be writing this paper when I decided to watch some Raiders of the Lost Ark. Everything went as usual and then I saw what French archaeologist Belloq wore when he was opening the ark and WHAT THE HEY?!?!?!?!? He is wearing what I am writing my paper on and it is wonderful. So wonderful I used his likeness in my presentation to show what the High Priest wore.


Because of this, Raiders of the Lost Ark will always remain to be one of my favorite movies. How cool is it after multiple showings that you see something you didn’t notice before and it related to you in that very instant? I wish more movies/shows happened that way. Sometimes they do though and that is when I geek out.

Elsipogtog: What the H is Going On There?

As a Native I feel it pertinent to keep tabs on current events that are related to me and my people. The past few days it has come to my knowledge about what is happening at the Elsipogtog First Nation of Mi’kmaq in Canada.

Poster created from an image from the protesting.

From what I understand the people are protesting against the exploration of shale gas in the area. Apparently the natural gas is in high demand over the next few decades. Wikipedia (I know, calm down it’s not all lies) says that the extraction of the gas may lead to contamination of the local water supply. This alone could cause distress for a community where this is to take place.

I know that fracking has been continually brought up in debates, especially with reservation land and other Native land. I, however, am not a geologist or hydrologist or scientist in any fashion so I am unaware about what really happens. Please read this article from Popular Mechanics about fracking myths.

I understand why the Mi’kmaq are upset and why they protested, as water and land are both sacred entities to Native people. It is unfortunate that the focus of their struggles are on the burning of police vehicles. I just hope that people are not making snap judgments (on either side) about the main issues here. Reading articles it is apparent that our First Nation brothers and sisters face the same discrimination and stereotyping as we do here.

I just ask for people to be informed on topics such as these. It is more than an indigenous issue.

FINISHED: The Color of Magic

I finished reading The Color of Magic by Terry Pratchett a few days ago.  I have long heard that Terry Pratchett writes some good books and that I should read his books. I purchased this book on one of my many book binges at the bookstore but never read it. Finding myself with no money for new books I had to go look on my bookshelf to see what I hadn’t read. This was one of the books.

My book cover


I highly enjoyed the book and recommend it to anyone. It sucks because this is the first book of the Discworld series and there are many of those books. Like lots. So now what I am supposed to do? Finish reading A Storm of Swords? Nah.

I liked this book for various reasons but I would like to highlight a few so that you can see how awesome it is. Like many books the main characters go on an adventure and they find themselves in troubling predicaments, but thankfully they find a way out. No need to spoil everything with specific details. Just read it. The book is just over 200 pages. That is an easy read if you ask me.

First thing I liked: the entire Discworld is situated on a turtle’s back. The turtle’s name is A’Tuin and he swims across the galaxies. How cool is that? It reminded me of two things 1) how the panda island from World of Warcraft is on top of a big giant turtle and 2) the Anishinaabe creation story. Our creation story tells about the great flood (which had to have happened) and how the animals and Waynaboozhoo (spelling varies) tried to get dirt from the bottom. Well our homey muskrat did, and once they got the dirt they placed in on turtle’s back who grew and grew and became turtle island AKA North America. So for all the people living in this region of the world, we are indeed on top of a turtle. That is how Pratchett’s world is, so I am already liking the place and able to relate okay.

I ❤ Tree Trunks

Second thing: the character of Twoflower. He is some crazy tourist who wants to see heroes and people beating each other up and gods and all kinds of craziness. He has strange luggage and a weird camera. But the whole time he has a sweet innocence (or naivety) that bothers our other main character, the wizard Rincewind. I don’t know about you but when I read a book I often try to relate the character to someone I’ve seen before (in real life or not). In this case I associated Twoflower with Tree Trunks, my most favorite random character on Adventure Time. You see much like Twoflower, Tree Trunks is not an adventurer but she tries her best and it is hard for others to stay mad at her. And that is how I feel about Twoflower. He just wants to see and experience everything. No reason to get upset with him.

Third thing: Death is creepy but in a good way. I appreciate Pratchett’s writing since it is so crazy random with a whole lot going on in such a short period of time. My favorite part about Death is that Pratchett has him speaking without quotes and in ALL CAPS. That is just cool and incredibly fitting. Makes a character stand out if you ask me. If Death is a character.

So anyway thus started my Discworld reading which I cannot continue because of lack of funds. What shall I read next? Maybe I will continue A Storm of Swords. Or I have The City of Ember which I can read. Hmmmmmm.

Knowledge for all your Columbus Day Needs

Today is Columbus Day and I’m not celebrating. Frankly since it is a rubbish holiday made up for no reason. He didn’t even “discover” the country that we celebrate this in. Does that make sense? No but moving on. Please enjoy these links below to understand the ridiculousness of the ridiculousness and see my blog post from the other day.

First a comic


First we need to wear this shirt from Beyond Buckskin Boutique.

8 Myths and atrocities about CC from Indian Country Today.

Native Appropriation’s post from last year about how we need to celebrate indigenous people instead.

And here is Native News Network’s great suggestion to get rid of the “holiday” altogether.

Thankfully most people view the “holiday” as a joke because that is what it really is. I would like to know who is in charge of putting these holiday’s on our calendar. Because I would like that job.

Have a great regular Monday and I’ll be watching Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets after I watch Adventures in Babysitting.

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