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Why Do the Greeks have British Accents?

I peruse many websites to get the information I want on stuff and thangs and one I use often (especially when settling arguments) is IMDb. Often I watch the trailers for movies that are about to come out so I can be like yeah, I’m not going to see that.

Now last week there was a trailer for a Hercules movie. I was like cool, since I thought it was the one where Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson was starring in. Nope it wasn’t. It had one of the vampires from Twilight and other random people doing who knows what since the trailer was hard to follow. But the main thing I got from the trailer? That the characters have British accents. Even the main dude who I know is American. So what is up with that?

I’m looking at you Brad

Let’s look at our other offenders. Troy comes to mind (which was incredibly disappointing since there were no GODS involved) and includes plenty of British actors and American ones speaking British. So is it because the majority of the cast is British that the Greeks become British too? Well then why didn’t Vanessa Williams have an accent as Calypso on the tv mini-series of The Odyssey?

What the h gurl?

Now I realize that the ‘ancient’ Greeks are historically located in Europe causing them to speak differently than us ‘mericans but I’m not sure they would all be sounding similar. I mean take 300 for example, Gerard Butler be Scottish so his Spartans all speak similarly but then they deal with the Persians and Xerxes sounds like some bad auto-tune in idk what accent. I guess that counts as differentiating between groups but does it really? I mean I could not tell the difference between someone from London and someone from other parts of England.

Wait what was I saying? Oh yeah why are they British? I don’t see why they should be but apparently primarily British actors play the Greeks therefore other actors must conform to make things consistent. I won’t even get started on the fact that the actors are not even remotely Greek descended, because authenticity doesn’t matter in Hollywood.


What say you?

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