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Throwback Thursday: Grover Teaches Us Something

I have to say that my favorite resident on Sesame Street is Grover.  I always enjoyed when he would pop up and be a waiter or Super Grover or teach us something important. Like the difference between near and far. I will never forget how he runs back and forth in order to get it in our tiny thick skulls that close to the camera is NEAR and away from the camera is FAR.

This is probably one of the more simplistic Sesame Street bits that there is but it is also one of the most enjoyable and memorable for me. Look how great Grover is. He is most wonderful. I honestly need a Grover stuffed animal to have. Too bad Tonks would probably drag it around the house.

I have a hope that next year for Halloween I will go as Super Grover. Here’s hoping.


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