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Simpsons Did It! Again…

But I ain’t mad. I’ll tell you what, they obviously have a very intelligent team. But anywho, Halloween is over on my Simpsons: Tapped Out game and now is the time to move on to Thanksgiving (I guess). Last year I got balloons for the parade (I know I’ve been playing for over a year, it is sad). So Lisa apparently orders a Sacagawea costume for Thanksgiving and this prompts her to do various tasks as Lisa/Sacagawea: Sulk, Mourn Thanksgiving Turkey Massacre, Care for Kidnapped Turkeys, etc. . Lisa is shown wearing buckskin and having braids in her hair (which is weird regardless because of her state of hair). This is a strange way to have Lisa push her vegetarianism agenda on the town of Springfield. But whatever.

At first I was like ‘Oh, no, not again,” but after reading the snippets below from Lisa and Homer’s conversation it is actually pretty enlightening.

026 027 028 029

Now Homer is the one telling Lisa that her costume is not appropriate and a ‘little racist.’ I find it so incredibly awesome that Homer Simpson, America’s simpleton, is able to make the correlation of dressing up as another culture as racist.

030 031 032 033

Next Homer makes an amazing point: if he chose to dress up as say an important African-American figure, it would be deemed racist. Lisa has trouble with this as she knows Homer is right. It is an interesting exchange if you ask me.

034 035 036 037038

Ha! Their conversation ends with hilarity as Lisa ‘feels’ the oppression of the peoples whose costume she is wearing and Homer makes a funny remark. Go team Simpson.

I think the main thing that bothers me is that Sacagawea has nothing to do with the story of Thanksgiving as she is Shoshone and the tribe the pilgrims kicked it with were the Wampanoag. The only Native singled out with that was Squanto so Lisa couldn’t dress up as him. I guess. It’s not historically accurate but it is the Simpsons and it is a game. But I still enjoy the references to Native American things that I come across in my hum drum life. Makes it more interesting.

Another addition to this Thanksgiving update is that ‘Caesar’s Pow-Wow Casino’ and its sign can be put up around Springfield. The casino even comes with its own little Indian. Unfortunately I do not have that many donuts so I’ll have to Google to see what tasks he has. Well apparently┬áthe Tribal Chief has to learn about Springfield culture from Homer and visit various places around Springfield. Okay…



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