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Jam of the Week: Always Something There by Naked Eyes

Now I love 80s music. Not sure if it is because I was created and born in the midst of such a fabulous decade or if I am just one strange strange lady. Could be a mixture of both. Probably a mixture of both.

I love that now we live in an age where we can randomly remember a song and then get it in an instance. I wish my brain stored things so that I could just go in and remember what song I listed to that one day in 1993 when I was at JC Penney’s with my mom. But unfortunate that is not how it works. I just have to move forward and find the songs I like by random chance. Just as well.

Anyways I remember the first season of American Idol (back when it wasn’t incredibly annoying) and that the lady with the orange hair sang this song from the 80s and I was like, ‘oh, hey, I like this song.’ Followed by my sister saying it is an annoying song. No it isn’t Anne, no it isn’t.

Re-listening to the song it is kind of stalker-ish but aren’t most love songs? I like it because it is actually a song that I can sing. Which is rare. Well I can sing any song, I can just sing this song well. Maybe.

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