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The Current State of My Blog

I’ve decided to change things up a bit on my blog since I really haven’t been posting anything lately. What I plan on doing is having my Jam of the Week on Mondays and then have a Throwback Thursday post about various things I have memories of and then the weekend do something scholarly.

I do this since I am non-stop listening to music and want people to listen to what I want to listen to. Maybe.

Also, I’ve had lots of random memories about stuff that I like to share and talk about since it is like super beneficial for my own good but then I can see who else shares similar memories. Hence me doing a new Throwback Thursday post on-you guessed it- Thursdays.

Now for the weekend I think I’ll do more “scholarly” topics. There are a lot of things I wrote papers on and would like to share since I really did like a lot of things I wrote papers about. Also different types of Native American topics I’d like to cover since I always like to talk about that stuff.

Words, words, words. I want to try to keep up with this since I think I do have things to say that might be interesting. We’ll see though. For reals. I say for reals because it’s the truth.

Here is Smooshy for your enjoyment.



Jam of the Week: Fantasy Remix by Mariah Carey feat ODB

Whatcha gonna do when you get out of jail? I’m gonna do a remix. Said no one ever. Oh wait Diddy said it. Thanks Diddy.

However I do have to say that Ol’ Dirty Bastard is always interesting and makes good music. RIP ODB!

Always fun to jam to Mariah Carey, like the original song because of the girl on Rush Hour singing it before she gets kidnapped. But the remix is better for this song. Because you know, ODB. Diddy kinda does what he does best. Which is talk at random times.

Why Do the Greeks have British Accents?

I peruse many websites to get the information I want on stuff and thangs and one I use often (especially when settling arguments) is IMDb. Often I watch the trailers for movies that are about to come out so I can be like yeah, I’m not going to see that.

Now last week there was a trailer for a Hercules movie. I was like cool, since I thought it was the one where Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson was starring in. Nope it wasn’t. It had one of the vampires from Twilight and other random people doing who knows what since the trailer was hard to follow. But the main thing I got from the trailer? That the characters have British accents. Even the main dude who I know is American. So what is up with that?

I’m looking at you Brad

Let’s look at our other offenders. Troy comes to mind (which was incredibly disappointing since there were no GODS involved) and includes plenty of British actors and American ones speaking British. So is it because the majority of the cast is British that the Greeks become British too? Well then why didn’t Vanessa Williams have an accent as Calypso on the tv mini-series of The Odyssey?

What the h gurl?

Now I realize that the ‘ancient’ Greeks are historically located in Europe causing them to speak differently than us ‘mericans but I’m not sure they would all be sounding similar. I mean take 300 for example, Gerard Butler be Scottish so his Spartans all speak similarly but then they deal with the Persians and Xerxes sounds like some bad auto-tune in idk what accent. I guess that counts as differentiating between groups but does it really? I mean I could not tell the difference between someone from London and someone from other parts of England.

Wait what was I saying? Oh yeah why are they British? I don’t see why they should be but apparently primarily British actors play the Greeks therefore other actors must conform to make things consistent. I won’t even get started on the fact that the actors are not even remotely Greek descended, because authenticity doesn’t matter in Hollywood.

Happy Halloween!

Here is me dancing as a pickle. I was a toddler– onesie, sippy cup, sucky thing and pig tails! But my friend Mandi took her pickle costume off and I decided to put it on and then dance of course because why the hell not. I think it is a fabulous video but I may be extremely biased.

My friend spelled pickle wrong I didn’t. Because I would never make a spelling error such as that.

Jam of the Week: This Is Halloween

Let us celebrate pagan traditions people! Who decides what is pagan anyway? Not I. I think it is a great time of the year and I always like to spend October watching Nightmare Before Christmas since it is one my most favorite movies. And it has been for 20 years! I have been trying to get Nephew #2 into it but he still does not have the attention level needed for a movie. But I try.

Scariest Scenes from Movies That Aren’t Supposed to Be Scary

So IMDB has on their front page movies that are ‘Unintentional Horror’ and I thought it was funny because it included White Chicks and well, you know that is true about that. But anyway it got me thinking about all the fabulous movies I watched as Little Rita and how some were scarring beyond belief. Like I still can’t get over it I am forever traumatized.

Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure

Okay so I highly enjoyed this movie since as a youth it was quite funny. The visuals in it were quite memorable. I would want to find my bike too and I would’ve LOVED to take a bath in such a huge bath tub. Unfortunately when Pee-Wee was walking on the side of the highway in the dark he was picked up by no other than Large Marge:

I have learned to never take a ride from a truck or anyone for that matter.

Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

This was one of my favorite movies since it had cartoons AND people and I just thought it was the coolest thing. I even had a video game on my Nintendo for the movie and it was really hard but I liked driving around in the cab. Good times. It was fabulous entertainment until the villain reveal:

Now it looks kinda hokey but at the time it was quite frightening.

Return to Oz

Now like any child, The Wizard of Oz was a great film to watch since it was full of magic and wonder and color! So Disney made a sequel and of course you expected all that was there in the first one. But it totally wasn’t. Dorothy is in a crazy house for crying out loud. There are 2 scenes in Return to Oz that just ruin my life. It could be said that the whole movie is insanely frightening but I like the Pumpkin dude and the moose and Tik Tok.


What the hell! Like seriously! Let’s have some dudes with freakishly long limbs wheel around and be creepy and scare your pants off! Let’s!

But it gets worse:

She doesn’t have a head! Her heads are in her closet! She has a closet of heads! How is this normal? Well they are in Oz, but seriously! Needless to say I did purchase this movie from Amazon and watched it and realized it was still creepy as heck.

I am sure there are more but those are the ones that pop into my mind of things that still freak me out in movies that are not meant to freak you out. These are family movies okay, they are supposed to be happy and we are supposed to learn good morals and what not. Not scarred for life.

Quotes from Adventure Time

So after my fallacy of saying that Adventure Time SUCKS I have spent time watching the show realizing how wrong I was and how it is an excellent program and should be watched by everyone who is awesome. Which includes me by the way.

But anywho, Adventure Time includes many life lessons and other stuff and I just thought I’d share a few from the first season (which I have only watched bc it is on Netflix).

Jake is wise

Finn saying what he do

Princess Bubblegum feeling how I feel

Ice King is always fun

Lumpy Space Princess always has good stuff to say but I’m not sure if they qualify as ‘life lessons.’ These don’t really either but who cares because they are quotes that you should live by! Maybe.

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