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Jam of the Week: Happy by Pharrell Williams

Welcome to Jam of the Week Academy Awards edition. Now I really don’t care a whole ton about the Oscars except when someone I truly like is nominated. This case it is Pharrell Williams. I like Pharrell because he’s the truth. He knows where its at and that is why he has been so successful. I also highly enjoy the Despicable Me franchise and was delighted when I learned that he provides the music for the movies. How cool is that? It is really cool.

Now when I found out about this fabulous song I also discovered that Pharrell did a 24-hour video for Happy which is incredibly awesome. I mean I’m not sure how many people have watched the day long video but watching snippets of it makes for a good time. It is people dancing, not caring and jamming out because they are HAPPY. More people should do that and the world would be a better place.

Because I’m happy…


Jam of the Week: Have You Ever Seen the Rain? by Creedence Clearwater Revival

Now I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this before but a lot of my musical tastes stem from my dad’s musical tastes. Which is actually quite nice since many of the songs that I suddenly begin to like he happens to have on his computer.

I’ve really liked most of CCR for some reason. I use CCR since I am not sure if it is Creedence Clearwater Revival or Revisited. According to my sister CCR means chocolate covered raisins. I like Proud Mary, Fortunate Son and Bad Moon Rising. Because I am not as familiar with their hits, only recently I have been listening to Have You Ever Seen the Rain?

I love it. I mean I love it. It is such a simply wonderful song. I want to dance to it with someone awesome and be happy about it. Even though it is meant to be a sad song.

What’s more is that I started watching Dexter from the beginning with my momma (they JUST got Netflix streaming) and the song came on when Dexter was having memories of riding in a car with his bio dad. Then I remembered how much I like Dexter and Michael C. Hall. Sigh.

But anywho…

Jam of the Week: Always Something There by Naked Eyes

Now I love 80s music. Not sure if it is because I was created and born in the midst of such a fabulous decade or if I am just one strange strange lady. Could be a mixture of both. Probably a mixture of both.

I love that now we live in an age where we can randomly remember a song and then get it in an instance. I wish my brain stored things so that I could just go in and remember what song I listed to that one day in 1993 when I was at JC Penney’s with my mom. But unfortunate that is not how it works. I just have to move forward and find the songs I like by random chance. Just as well.

Anyways I remember the first season of American Idol (back when it wasn’t incredibly annoying) and that the lady with the orange hair sang this song from the 80s and I was like, ‘oh, hey, I like this song.’ Followed by my sister saying it is an annoying song. No it isn’t Anne, no it isn’t.

Re-listening to the song it is kind of stalker-ish but aren’t most love songs? I like it because it is actually a song that I can sing. Which is rare. Well I can sing any song, I can just sing this song well. Maybe.

Jam of the Week: Once Upon A Dream by Lana del Rey

Hey everybody do you want to hear something creepy?

I’m not even sure what I was watching but it was something I normally watch and it was a big deal. Maybe the Grammy’s? Well that makes not a whole lot a sense but anywho…. There was a trailer for Maleficent with Angelina Jolie and was incredibly intrigued by her costume and makeup. But then the music started and I totes thought it was Angelina singing ‘Once Upon A Dream’ but it was in fact Lana del Rey.

I like Lana del Rey. She is different and I like that. Who wants to listen to the same kind of music all of the time? Not this girl.

So enjoy my Jam of the Week with Lana del Rey’s rendition of Once Upon A Dream:

Powwow For Hope

Good news everyone! Powwow for Hope is in 3 months! This is the third year that the American Indian Cancer Foundation has sponsored the Powwow for Hope to honor those affected with cancer and the caregivers who gave their love and time to support them. This event brings in thousands of dollars from teams, local organizations and event attendees.

Watch this video for more info:

This year the powwow will be held at the Boy Scout’s Base Camp which is great since there is plenty of space for activities and parking. I have been to this place before rock climbing and what not and it was quite amusing I do have to say.

This year I will be volunteering and also dancing. Not sure if I am going to create a team yet but if you are interested in creating one with me, please let me know sooner than later.

WE NEED VOLUNTEERS! Last year was fantastic and I swear we had the best group of volunteers that I ever did see so YOU should be a part of it (yes, you!).

Anyway, come to Powwow for Hope on Saturday May 3rd, 2014. It’ll be super awesome!


Pink Shawl at Thanksgiving Powwow 2013

Throwback Thursday: Grover Teaches Us Something

I have to say that my favorite resident on Sesame Street is Grover.  I always enjoyed when he would pop up and be a waiter or Super Grover or teach us something important. Like the difference between near and far. I will never forget how he runs back and forth in order to get it in our tiny thick skulls that close to the camera is NEAR and away from the camera is FAR.

This is probably one of the more simplistic Sesame Street bits that there is but it is also one of the most enjoyable and memorable for me. Look how great Grover is. He is most wonderful. I honestly need a Grover stuffed animal to have. Too bad Tonks would probably drag it around the house.

I have a hope that next year for Halloween I will go as Super Grover. Here’s hoping.

Jam of the Week: Fantasy Remix by Mariah Carey feat ODB

Whatcha gonna do when you get out of jail? I’m gonna do a remix. Said no one ever. Oh wait Diddy said it. Thanks Diddy.

However I do have to say that Ol’ Dirty Bastard is always interesting and makes good music. RIP ODB!

Always fun to jam to Mariah Carey, like the original song because of the girl on Rush Hour singing it before she gets kidnapped. But the remix is better for this song. Because you know, ODB. Diddy kinda does what he does best. Which is talk at random times.

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