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Jam of the Week: Happy by Pharrell Williams

Welcome to Jam of the Week Academy Awards edition. Now I really don’t care a whole ton about the Oscars except when someone I truly like is nominated. This case it is Pharrell Williams. I like Pharrell because he’s the truth. He knows where its at and that is why he has been so successful. I also highly enjoy the Despicable Me franchise and was delighted when I learned that he provides the music for the movies. How cool is that? It is really cool.

Now when I found out about this fabulous song I also discovered that Pharrell did a 24-hour video for Happy which is incredibly awesome. I mean I’m not sure how many people have watched the day long video but watching snippets of it makes for a good time. It is people dancing, not caring and jamming out because they are HAPPY. More people should do that and the world would be a better place.

Because I’m happy…


What say you?

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