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The Current State of My Blog

I’ve decided to change things up a bit on my blog since I really haven’t been posting anything lately. What I plan on doing is having my Jam of the Week on Mondays and then have a Throwback Thursday post about various things I have memories of and then the weekend do something scholarly.

I do this since I am non-stop listening to music and want people to listen to what I want to listen to. Maybe.

Also, I’ve had lots of random memories about stuff that I like to share and talk about since it is like super beneficial for my own good but then I can see who else shares similar memories. Hence me doing a new Throwback Thursday post on-you guessed it- Thursdays.

Now for the weekend I think I’ll do more “scholarly” topics. There are a lot of things I wrote papers on and would like to share since I really did like a lot of things I wrote papers about. Also different types of Native American topics I’d like to cover since I always like to talk about that stuff.

Words, words, words. I want to try to keep up with this since I think I do have things to say that might be interesting. We’ll see though. For reals. I say for reals because it’s the truth.

Here is Smooshy for your enjoyment.



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