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My 5 Favorite Shows this Fall

I always like to know what shows people watch so then we can have serious discussions about the happenings of the program. This is incredibly true with my daytime programs since my mom and I talk like Victor and Nicki are our friends.

5: The Big Bang Theory

I, like most people, came late to the Big Bang Theory.  I would like to thank TBS for providing me last year the ability to watch the seasons I had missed so I can catch up. I know that some “scientists” and “nerds” don’t like the Big Bang Theory but people it is great television! Here is one of my favorite scenes:

4: The Voice

Now I immensely dislike American Idol. Because it is waaaaaaaaayyyy lame. Plus they place more emphasis on the spectacle of the thole thing. The Voice doesn’t. They can’t even see the singers during their audition which is the smartest thing since I know most people judge other people based on how they look. Plus they usually don’t pick crappy songs which is nice. I highly enjoy the banter between the judges even though the ones not named Cee Lo aren’t that great. It is just highly entertaining. This season I am for Team Adam since I like Preston the best! See below for why:

3: American Horror Story: Coven

I have watched the previous seasons of American Horror Story and they tended to freak me out. The first season was better than the second one but that is okay since it was still pretty good. Now I have only seen two of the three new episodes (I’m a cable ditcher and make due online or with the fam) and let me tell you they are really good.

The actors on the show are phenomenal. Jessica Lange is being a bad ass like usual and it is nice seeing Kathy Bates be crazy. The young girls are all good too. Now the stories are not for the squeamish and are kinda inappropriate for anyone who can’t handle that kind of thing. But it makes for good television!

2: Sleepy Hollow

I like Sleepy Hollow. One because it is cool to see a familiar story told in a different way and two because I enjoy the Britishness of this Ichabod Crane. It is kinda creepy too and that is always fun. Here is a pic of me and the Headless Horseman:

Oh no I’m bout to be headless too!

1: The Walking Dead

Save the best for last WOOOOOOOOT!!!!! I have watched this show every Sunday it was on and then immediately turn it off so I don’t have to watch The Talking Dead (no thank you). Not have I ever had a show where I yell at the tv so much. Can’t help it there are stupid hoes and Carl doesn’t do what he’s supposed to. I’m surprised that there are still idiots on the show since I assume they would die pretty fast. But I suppose it gives some story lines. For sure.

This is the one show that I HAVE to watch when it airs. And since I am a cable ditcher (no regrets!), I find myself kickin’ it at my sister’s house these past Sundays and have a nice dinner and some tv. It is a win-win situation for me.

Here is one of my favorite memes from the second season:

Stupid Lori

There are my top 5 shows of this fall. Now I do watch other shows: Once Upon a Time, How I Met Your Mother, Agents of SHIELD. But these are my favorite and where I actually watch them when they are on and look forward to every week. Good stuff.



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