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The Raiders Minimization

I love the Big Bang Theory. Like love it. I make sure that I am available on Thursdays so that I can watch it when it is on. I usually find myself laughing out loud on numerous occasions and wonder if my neighbors think I’m nuts. Which is totally fine. So a few weeks ago they had an episode where Amy Farrah Folwer (played by the wonderful Mayim Bialik) tells Sheldon (Jim Parsons my <3) that Indiana Jones is not needed in the movie Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Now I have always and I will always love Indiana Jones (4th movie not considered). He is what intrigued my love for myth and history and why it pains me to have distress in the Middle East because of the all the history that is being damaged and the art that is looted. Anyways, I had never thought about how he is not vital in the story line. We just happen to see the events taking place from his point of view. Which I’m totally fine with. It is still a great movie and I will watch it whenever it is on tv.

But that is not what I want to talk about. Raiders of the Lost Ark reminds me of a paper I wrote in grad school. I looked into the origins of birthstones and found that long ago the High Priest wore a breastplate with twelve stones–representing the twelve tribes of Israel. Anyway, there is some history with the Bible and what not, but it started the relation between stones and the number twelve which would include the Zodiac and in turn birth months etc. etc.

Garb of the High Priest

I just happened to be writing this paper when I decided to watch some Raiders of the Lost Ark. Everything went as usual and then I saw what French archaeologist Belloq wore when he was opening the ark and WHAT THE HEY?!?!?!?!? He is wearing what I am writing my paper on and it is wonderful. So wonderful I used his likeness in my presentation to show what the High Priest wore.


Because of this, Raiders of the Lost Ark will always remain to be one of my favorite movies. How cool is it after multiple showings that you see something you didn’t notice before and it related to you in that very instant? I wish more movies/shows happened that way. Sometimes they do though and that is when I geek out.


What say you?

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