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FINISHED: The Color of Magic

I finished reading The Color of Magic by Terry Pratchett a few days ago.  I have long heard that Terry Pratchett writes some good books and that I should read his books. I purchased this book on one of my many book binges at the bookstore but never read it. Finding myself with no money for new books I had to go look on my bookshelf to see what I hadn’t read. This was one of the books.

My book cover


I highly enjoyed the book and recommend it to anyone. It sucks because this is the first book of the Discworld series and there are many of those books. Like lots. So now what I am supposed to do? Finish reading A Storm of Swords? Nah.

I liked this book for various reasons but I would like to highlight a few so that you can see how awesome it is. Like many books the main characters go on an adventure and they find themselves in troubling predicaments, but thankfully they find a way out. No need to spoil everything with specific details. Just read it. The book is just over 200 pages. That is an easy read if you ask me.

First thing I liked: the entire Discworld is situated on a turtle’s back. The turtle’s name is A’Tuin and he swims across the galaxies. How cool is that? It reminded me of two things 1) how the panda island from World of Warcraft is on top of a big giant turtle and 2) the Anishinaabe creation story. Our creation story tells about the great flood (which had to have happened) and how the animals and Waynaboozhoo (spelling varies) tried to get dirt from the bottom. Well our homey muskrat did, and once they got the dirt they placed in on turtle’s back who grew and grew and became turtle island AKA North America. So for all the people living in this region of the world, we are indeed on top of a turtle. That is how Pratchett’s world is, so I am already liking the place and able to relate okay.

I ❤ Tree Trunks

Second thing: the character of Twoflower. He is some crazy tourist who wants to see heroes and people beating each other up and gods and all kinds of craziness. He has strange luggage and a weird camera. But the whole time he has a sweet innocence (or naivety) that bothers our other main character, the wizard Rincewind. I don’t know about you but when I read a book I often try to relate the character to someone I’ve seen before (in real life or not). In this case I associated Twoflower with Tree Trunks, my most favorite random character on Adventure Time. You see much like Twoflower, Tree Trunks is not an adventurer but she tries her best and it is hard for others to stay mad at her. And that is how I feel about Twoflower. He just wants to see and experience everything. No reason to get upset with him.

Third thing: Death is creepy but in a good way. I appreciate Pratchett’s writing since it is so crazy random with a whole lot going on in such a short period of time. My favorite part about Death is that Pratchett has him speaking without quotes and in ALL CAPS. That is just cool and incredibly fitting. Makes a character stand out if you ask me. If Death is a character.

So anyway thus started my Discworld reading which I cannot continue because of lack of funds. What shall I read next? Maybe I will continue A Storm of Swords. Or I have The City of Ember which I can read. Hmmmmmm.


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