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So I guess Ichabod Crane kicked it with the Mohawk

Which is cool if you ask me. I decided to start watching Sleepy Hollow on FOX but unfortunately I keep forgetting when it is on. I need to make an alarm for it like I did with HIMYM and the Big Bang Theory. Anyways, I finally got around to getting caught up yesterday and it is pretty good if you ask me. But I like supernatural and mysterious shows.

The third episode showed Abbie being haunted in her dreams by the “Sandman” and others were getting killed because of him so Ichabod and her had to figure out what to do so she doesn’t die. Abbie describes the being to Ichabod and he remembers that his friends the Mohawks told him about a spirit just like it.

Cue flashback:

Smoking the peace pipe with his homies


Now I can’t verify the actors to see if they’re Native, since IMDB did not provide enough information. But anyways, next was my favorite part where Abbie had to tell Ichabod that the government (her words!) all but destroyed the Native Americans and there were very few left. Ichabod was genuinely upset and bewildered about how so many people who lived across the land (how could he know that?) would be eradicated thusly. Well they were Ichabod and we are still sad about it.

Thankfully Abbie (who is awesome btw) happens to know someone that they should talk to. So they end up at a car dealership with some unpolitically correct kitsch name and find the owner who is Native and happens to have the answers about the spirit that is invading Abbie’s dreams. Man they have crazy luck. Anyway dude knows what to do and has some drank that is supposed to help them in the dream world. Then they have to do some crazy thing with scorpion venom and I first was like okay and then I was like wait a second… aren’t they in New England? I don’t think they have scorpions just lying around. Plus, as a Mohawk why would dude use it anyway? That is slightly problematic. Huh.

Anyways they figure it out la de da more craziness happens and all is well with the world! Until the next episode of course. Now I really like this show and this episode is no different there just are a few things that make me go jigga what?

So let’s recap what we learned about Indians in the episode:

1) Ichabod kicked it with the Mohawk– but did they use that terminology back in his day? The Mohawk are part of the “Iroquois League” or theĀ Haudenosaunee as they liked to be called so… but I realize that there were settlers in the area long before the Revolutionary War so I am sure it became a common term but you would think that perhaps a “friend” of the Mohawk, like Ichabod was, would perhaps call them something different? I’m not sure since I’m not from then.

2) The one Native guy Abbie knows has the answers to their questions– how convenient. I know this is an obvious plot necessity but really. Like really? If I need to find answers about spirits in my tribe I would probably be sent to 3 different people to find an answer. I guess I will let this one slide since the speed the find someone is important for the plot.

3) At the car dealership the Native dude says no powwows and Ichabod in turn says how he enjoyed those— hmmm… the term powwow comes from an Algonquian term (in which the Mohawk are NOT part) which denoted a ceremonial gathering rather than what it means today. So Ichabod should not really have understood this reference AND be able to comment on it. Since there was no powwows how there is now back then.

In conclusion the show sheds a sympathetic light on Native Americans and attempts to create a feasible entity for which the main characters need to overcome. It isn’t entirely truthful, but hardly anything is anymore. This is why I started my blog so I could point these things out and ruin it for others. Just kidding. Kinda. I hope they will continue to use Native myth/lore in the show and hope it is still done in a positive light. The end.


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