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Simpsons Did It!

Now I love The Simpson’s. I grew up on that and it was amazing. Especially since my dad liked it too and when you are a little kid and can watch a show with your dad it’s pretty cool. Like most fans I have not watched as much over the past few years but I watch when I can.

Anywho, this past year I have spent a ridiculous amount of time playing The Simpsons: Tapped Out. Why? Because I can and because then I can obsess about something on a daily basis. Now my Springfield really isn’t that great, I don’t spend money on the premium items so it is essentially run of the mill. Plus I get bored easily so I often have the people do 24-hour tasks or random ones.

But it’s Halloween so there is a bunch of ghosts and crazy things that the people of Springfield must do! And then this happened:

Lisa saying stuff

Lisa saying stuff

Bart saying stuff

Bart saying stuff

Lisa retorting

Lisa retorting



So after these messages Lisa gets a task that involves her doing a petition. So when she finishes this happens:


Lisa’s petition worked! But then apparently the mastodons/mammoths (idk the difference) are offended because they were there first (rightfully so) and they begin haunting Springfield.

Now when I was “building” the burial grounds I knew there were going to be some issues, but since I am addicted I went along with it anyway. Since I knew that I could blog about it afterward. That is why I took screenshots. For my blog.

Two things bothered me with this: 1) Bart saying that it was going to be the R-word RV place. Now that ain’t right. GET IT TOGETHER SIMPSONS! #changethename people!

And then 2) the whole “Indian Burial Grounds” thing. Now what is up with that? I honestly don’t know why they are so haunted and cause so much drama. I would assume that any type of burial ground would do the same. Right? That is why the game included the mammoths/mastodons. Since to do things over burial places is a bad idea. But I still want to know where this notion of Indian burial grounds comes from.

The only thing that comes to mind is Poltergeist. As we learned from Will Sampson’s character…okay now that I read what Poltergeist II is about I’m not even sure it was an Indian burial ground. I just know that a Native dude comes and helps Carol Anne and they go under where their first house is. Now I’m even more confused than I was before.

Okay moving on. Supernatural had an episode called Bugs where there was most definitely some bones of Natives and a curse.

I would like to know what started the whole don’t-mess-with-Indian-burial-grounds-because-you’ll-die-a-horrible-death thing. I just don’t get it. I feel like my ancestors might have better things to do. But if someone messed with my grave I would haunt their ass too. I guess I’m conflicted.


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