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Wolves are my Homies

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I highly enjoy wolves. They are pretty and interesting creatures. I have only seen them in person at zoos which is very conflicting but I don’t need to see them out and about while I go to Starbucks.

Look how pretty I am in the foliage of the great north.

From what I understand this is the second season where there are licenses available for sportspeople to hunt wolves (in awhile I believe they had them before but I’m unsure bc I am not the DNR). The licenses are a lottery, meaning everyone who applied does not necessarily receive one. Also, the MN DNR is permitting less licenses than last year. However, this does not make me feel better.

I do NOT understand the point of hunting wolves (or bears for that matter but I talked to my dad about that more and people eat bear meat). What is the function of hunting wolves? I guess you could eat their meat but I don’t believe that it is anywhere near the taste of venison or any of the fowl foodstuffs. So then their fur? This isn’t the fur trade where people are making bank back in Europe with furs. Sport then? There are deer to hunt and ducks and pheasant and other things that make much more sense to hunt.

I am certainly not against hunting. I would go hunting in a heartbeat (except for sitting in the woods all day I’d prob fall asleep). But I would hunt deer or ducks. No bear. No wolves. I think part of my mentality is that wolves are predators, just like us (so are bears!). Deer, not so much. Birds– yeah no. Except maybe ostriches because those mofos can attack.

Also this: many moons ago when I was Little Rita I had a poster from the Great Lakes Indian Fish and Wildlife Commission (GLIFWC) that showed man (Anishinaabe) and wolf (ma’iingan) together. Man asked Creator for a companion and Creator sent wolf. They walked the land together but at some point it became time to go their separate ways. Even though they are separate there is still respect for the wolf. And I will never forget that.

Here is a nice article from the White Earth Land Recovery Project about what I’m trying to say:

So what can we do? I thought about purchasing a license so that if I win the lottery that it could prevent another hunter from getting a wolf. But how far can that go? I noticed that Jessica Lange has asked Gov. Dayton to change the hunt but that is not going to get far either. However, I heard she is a witch now so he better watch out.

Well Howling for Wolves has many resources about the wolf hunt and how one can help to suspend it. I recommend just checking it out.

Wolves are our friends, not food.


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