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Okay so this does not have anything specifically to do with Native Americans but since I’m doing it, it technically does. But I’d like to think that the tracking skills of my ancestors has been bequeathed unto me and I must use it thusly.

I started geocaching last year because, I don’t remember why, but it was a good distraction from what was going on at the time and I still enjoy doing so. But I don’t like going  by myself because I want someone else to see that I did good and found something hidden in the wilds of today.

So I take my nephew where we can do something nice outdoors and have fun looking for something strange.

Posing with a geocache we found in his neighborhood.

Posing with a geocache we found in his neighborhood.


I am by no means a hard core geocacher, I usually wait until there are days I spend with my nephew and then figure out where we can go. There are many in local parks and even in random parking lots so it is a fun activity to do together. To bond and stuff.

I always forget to check for them in unique places since it would be cool to have that a smiley face on the geocaching map on my geocaching app.

I suppose I should mention what geocaching is. To me it is essentially a treasure hunt, except you don’t get treasure unless you leave treasure. I never bring treasure but it is nice to find things that are hidden.

Here is an example of a cache hidden midst the trunks of a tree.

Here is an example of a cache hidden midst the trunks of a tree.

I have not hidden any caches since I have not felt that ambitious yet. Then I would think of where to hide it and that might be too tricky. But maybe maybe.

Basically I like geocaching and most people I talk to don’t know what it is so I kindly try to explain and they usually don’t understand anyway.

So go to to learn more. Also there are some free apps that allow you to look for them from your phone. I have the official geocache app which was $10 but it has all the geocaches available everywhere and keeps a nice log of what I’ve found.


What say you?

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