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President Obama and that Washington team

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Woke up to my Twitter feed and my local news channel said:

And I was like heeeeeyyyyy! Thanks Obama! Seriously not ironically or however people usually use that phrase.

Now I don’t know why the Associated Press was talking to the President about that but it’s not like he was like you know what? let’s talk football because there is nothing else going on. Like some people’s comments assume.

Anywho, I think this is great. This is the kind of support needed by the indigenous population to realize that mascots are an issue and they should be taken seriously.

Once again the commentary is quite interesting with half complaining about Obama and the other half complaining about the word is not offensive and my favorite comment was that ‘Sherman Alexie is fine with being called Indian.’ I don’t even know what that is supposed to mean. The terminology used to describe indigenous Americans (Native American, American Indian, Indian) is a generational preference and can not really be used as a flawed argument.

What I like best about the President’s interview is that he knows that the team’s fans love their team and most (if hopefully not all) do not mean it as an insult to Native people. I believe they disassociate the term with Natives in general. That is why they don’t understand the offense. Unfortunately words are strong and in this case it is offensive since I highly doubt that people are walking up to Native people and calling them the R-word jovially. And this is the point.

So thanks Obama!


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