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Smoke Dancers are the Coolest

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On YouTube I spend a lot of time watching music videos, how-to tutorials and powwow videos. So naturally those things pop up for my recommended watching. Today as I was browsing I noticed that a video of smoke dancers popped up.


Now I dance at powwow but there is not any smoke dancers in this area. It is dance of the Eastern tribes mainly those of the Iroquois or as my friend would like to be called Haudenosaunee. I asked my friend about the smoke dancers and she concurred that they were indeed super cool dancers and it is especially cool when they get down in the longhouse. Now that would be something to see.

I only found out about smoke dancers this past year. I was working on a presentation about powwows and I came across a video from The Ways in Wisconsin that had one of the best informational powwow videos I have ever seen. Not only did it introduce me to smoke dancing it also introduced me to A Tribe Called Red which has been the greatest thing to me lately.

The reason I find smoke dancing so fascinating is because it is so DIFFERENT from regular powwow dancing. The songs are short and the dancing is fast. It is the neatest thing. The beginning of this video has warm-ups but at a little after the 3 minute mark the men really get down. When I first saw it I thought it could not be real. But it is and it is cool as heck.

I need to travel to a powwow that has smoke dancers because I would LOVE to see them in person and talk with them.


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