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So the Braves and Indians are in the Playoffs

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I love baseball. It is America’s sport and it is fun to go to a game. Having another season disappointed by my Minnesota Twins I kinda care about who is doing what where but not really until the actual World Series. I hope it’s Detroit but that is because former Twins player Torii Hunter plays for them and I like him.

What came to my attention from Native Appropriations is the fans at the recent Cleveland game and their ‘Red Face.’ Totes not cool and all that, not the first time as the Washington what’s-their-name has been in the news about their mascot and it doesn’t end there.

I went to read the article by NBC Sports’ Craig Calcaterra which was short and to the point about how it isn’t right, how mascots have been seen as offensive. I’ve read tons about this so it is a continuation of a conversation on Native mascots.

That’s not what is annoying. This article is the most commented one of the day (390 at time of posting) and let me say that most of it is not very nice. People are making arguments about something that truly does not affect them.  Some comments may be thought provoking but there are many that are just blatantly racist.

It just comes down to this: dressing up as a culture that you are not is WRONG no matter what the purpose is.

I’m not going to dress up as a German for Oktoberfest.



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