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So I’ve decided to do the Ultimate Blog Challenge

So yeah… Ultimate Blog Challenge. It is meant to boost people to your blog and to help you blog and to blog your blog and blog. I am already regretting this since I can only thing of about a dozen things to write about and I am supposed to have a blog post for all 31 days of October. I’m sure I’ll think of something since I have a big brain. At least I think so.



I think my big problem will be going to other people’s blogs and commenting. I need to do that. Be involved. I’ll work on that. I think the main reason why I decided to do this is so that I will get into the habit of writing everyday. I need to write everyday. And I want more twitter followers. Ha! Truth.

So I hope that it is good, I am hoping to share some of my better posts on the facebook and hopefully get more traffic that way. We’ll see.

Native Note: Once Upon a Time starts tomorrow and Henry is in Neverland. Makes me wonder how they are going to treat the Lost Boys and other Native-esque characters in Neverland. We will just have to wait and see!


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