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Native Cats

Native Cats

This is basically why I decided to start a blog.

What could be better then some kitties in headdresses?

Well a lot actually. Even though I would wear the heck out of this shirt it would raise a lot of questions in people.

As it should. This is cultural appropriation at its best.

It brings up the question: can kitties be Native? I don’t see why not. Me + cats = Native kitties.

But would they be wearing headdresses like this? Prob not. Especially since my people traditionally did not wear headdresses like these. Maybe the moccasins though.

But they are cats right? So what is wrong with that? Cats have feelings too people and I’m sure the ones in different countries don’t like to be racially stereotyped either.

Is it right to have such a garment exist? Here lies the problem with other “Native” clothing and more horrendously “costumes” that are meant to “represent” the culture.

This shirt does NOT represent Native culture.

Even though it is pretty snazzy.



What say you?

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